TL;DR: We now offer our “campus” classes as hybrid flexible online classes with live video and screencasts. This means that students can complete the MA in Ed Tech as a fully online degree; and that it’s more flexible for our local students, too.

We are very pleased to announce that the University and New York State have approved our plan to offer the MA in Educational Technology through our innovative Flex Ed format. This will open up our program to more great students nationally and internationally. It will also make it easier for our New York based students to coordinate their studies with the other demands of their busy lives.

What is FlexEd? FlexEd is the Adelphi Ed Tech version of hybrid flexible online learning, or “hyflex”. Hyflex has been around for several years, but hasn’t been widely adopted yet. We soft launched FlexEd with our current students in Spring ’16 to great success and are confident that it will work very well at Adelphi. Beginning in Spring 2017, all of our campus classes will convert to "flex" classes (some classes will continue as asynchronous online courses). Instructors will lead flex classes from our mulitimedia classrooms in Manhattan and Garden City, with some students attending in person. Our faculty and students love to meet in person when we can, but we realize that, for a myriad of reasons, students can’t make every (or any) class in person. Accordingly, with FlexEd, all campus meetings will have a synchronous online component which includes high quality video conferencing, screencasts of instructional materials, and small group video chat. For remote students, these meetings will look like synchronous online learning. Because we have these live video and screencasts, after each session we can post lectures and discussions to the course website. In case students miss the class, or have chosen to take the course as an asynchronous online class, they will be able to complete the week's assignments at their own pace by reviewing the videos, doing course readings, completing a set of online assignments, and interacting with the whole class via online discussions, etc. In the best spirit of universal design for learning, FlexEd will make it possible for some students to complete the degree who otherwise wouldn’t be able to. All students will benefit from the flexibility, especially those with unpredictable schedules, or who need extra time to review the materials.

Flex courses require additional work for our instructors to set up and ensure smooth operation, but we are confident that this investment in students will pay off with deeper student engagement, fewer students falling behind, and our ability to attract outstanding students from all over the world. Additionally, FlexEd has already enabled some of our fantastic alums to sit in on classes (remotely), forging greater connections between our current students and the growing alumni network, and creating more opportunities for peer mentoring and support.

What’s next with FlexEd? As we said, FlexEd officially launches in Spring 2017. We are now accepting applications for all students, but especially encourage remote students, who previously could not attend Adelphi in New York, to apply. Special topics short courses and summer classes also make the program appealing as a low residency option. If your curious about FlexEd at Adelphi, we invite you to join us this Fall to sit in on a session of Introduction to Computer Programming. Please contact Matt at for an invite.