Job Report for April 24, 2017

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This week, we have 10 great positions in instructional design and other EdTech positions . For instance Columbia University is seeking to hire: a Compliance Training Coordinator; an Associate Director of Educational Technology(for their Veterans Division), and a Media Specialist. While St.Johns University and Mercy College are seeking Instructional Designers to join their respective universities.

Meanwhile, the New York Public Library is searching for Technology Program Coordinator. Also NYC Department of Education is looking for a Director for Teaching & Learning Field Support Center (FSC). While Trevor Day school is searching for a Director of Technology to join their team. Last but not least ESF Camps in Bronx NY  is seeking a Minecraft Specialist/Instructor and Technology Teacher.

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1. Columbia University -New York, NY

Job Title: Compliance & Training Coordinator

Job Description:

This position reports to the Executive Director of the Office of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) at Columbia University. The

Coordinator's responsibilities include the following:

  • Attend IACUC protocol review and regular meetings;
  • Conduct training sessions and disseminate information on various aspects of the animal care and use program for Columbia University researchers who participate in animal-related activities;
  • Maintain knowledge of current information and issues regarding laboratory animal science and engage in professional development activities;
  • Inspect animal care and use facilities and investigators' laboratories to assure high-quality oversight of all research and teaching activities involving the use of animals and to ensure compliance with federal regulations, nationally accepted standards and Columbia University policies;
  • Report results and findings of the facility and laboratory inspections to the IACUC; conduct periodic review of clinical records to ensure consistency between clinical records and the IACUC approved protocol;
  • Conduct pre-review of protocols to ensure completeness and compliance with federal regulations.

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2. Columbia University- New York, NY 

Job Title: Media Specialist

Job Description:

The School of Professional Studies (SPS) is seeking a talented Media Specialist who is passionate about creating meaningful visual experiences in a growing suite of online courses for new and existing SPS initiatives that aim to deliver rigorous and innovative educational experiences to national and international audiences. The Media Specialist will work directly with the SPS Online team (including media and animation producers, instructional designers and educational technologists) to create media assets that support meaningful teaching and learning across a variety of disciplines, support partner relationships, and promote SPS. S/he will support the development and visual treatment of educational materials and collaborate with SPS stakeholders to execute the creation of media for online courses. The ideal candidate will demonstrate a commitment to the mission of digital and online education.


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3. Columbia University - New York, NY 

Job Title: Associate Director of Educational Technology

Job Description:

Columbia's newly established Center for Veteran Transition and Integration, seeks an experienced Associate Director of Educational Technology who will manage the design and development of a portfolio of complex face-to-face, online and/or blended courses and content in support of the Columbia University Center for Veteran Transition and Integration. The Associate Director serves as a key partner in the creation and continued growth of the new Center. The Associate Director will support all aspects of the day-to-day operations and development of the Center's academic programming by collaborating closely with Center partners and key stakeholders and will be central to the design/development process as the team works to design and deliver best in class content in veteran transition space. The Associate Director of Educational Technology will also identify the pedagogical best practices and supporting educational technologies needed to execute effectively the goals of our partner program and the mission of the Center. S/h/they will help resolve issues that may arise with respect to content development, production and delivery, and implement modifications as needed. In addition, the Associate Director of Educational Technology will play an integral role in growing and managing the Center's future educational technology staff to include learning technologists, instructional designers, and media/production staff members. Minimum Qualifications for Grade

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4. New York Public Library - New York, NY

Job Title: Technology Training Program Coordinator

Job Description:

The New York Public Library seeks a Technology Training Program Coordinator to join our TechConnect Program. The Coordinator will provide vital support for Library’s expanding program of technology classes helping to close the digital divide. S/he will serve as a liaison for TechConnect within the library and to community organizations.

Under the direction of the Associate Director of Tech Education:

  • Provides analytical support for the TechConnect program by maintaining and analyzing data on program metrics including survey data and compiling reports.
  • Conducts research as needed on new innovative technology and educational program developments and helps to implement new program ideas
  • Serves as a liaison for the program within the library as well as to other institutions in the technological and educational communities
  • Supports the TechConnect department by updating and maintaining the patron and staff websites
  • Manages all TechConnect email correspondence including registrations and spreadsheets for series based programming
  • Evaluating registrations to ensure appropriate class enrollments
  • Coordinating with team to ensure series based events are handled smoothly
  • Travels throughout Manhattan, Staten Island and the Bronx to conduct trainings, as needed
  • Assists with ad-hoc projects
  • Performs other related duties as required

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5. NYC Department of Education -  New York, NY

Job Title: Director for Teaching & Learning Field Support Center (FSC)

Job Description:

The Director for Teaching and Learning, FSC will support the Field Support Center Executive Director in providing guidance and leadership to instructional staff. The Director will support the varied streams of instructional and policy work across the Office of Central Field Support, and design, implement, assess, refine, and scale the development of instructional strategy and its implementation across the instructional team. S/he will represent the Field Support Centers, the Division of Teaching and Learning, and the broader vision and mission of the DOE. S/he will work closely with all Directors in the Field Support Centers to plan and coordinate cohesive systems to support schools through the elements of the Framework for Great Schools. The Director will supervise staff responsible for the training of field-based staff on academic and instructional policy issues, as well as creating and disseminating resources to support schools. The Director for Teaching and Learning, FSC will also build and maintain relationships with superintendents of corresponding districts and their teams. Performs related work.

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6. Mercy College - New York, NY

Job Title: Online Instructional Designer

Job Description:

o support the growth of online learning at Mercy College, the Office of Online Learning seeks a creative and dynamic Instructional Designer (ID). The Instructional Designer is responsible for providing pedagogical and technological support for faculty to assure quality in the design and delivery of distance learning courses. The Instructional Designer provides consultation and support in the following areas: use of instructional technologies in distance learning courses, distance learning course design and delivery, creation and selection of instructional resources, faculty preparation for distance learning course delivery, and content accessibility.

This position requires strong knowledge of andragogy and instructional design, plus exceptional skill in developing and maintaining thorough, ongoing quality assurance processes. Experience in educational technology management is a plus. This position will report to the Director of Online Learning.

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7. Trevor Day School - New York, NY 

Job Title:  Director of Technology

Job Description:

Trevor Day School in Manhattan, NY is seeking a seasoned Senior Technology Administrator with a broad and deep technical skill-set along with proven experience in successfully leading a professional IT Department in a K-12 educational setting. The applicant must enjoy working with passionate people in an entrepreneurial, fast-paced educational environment. Reporting to the CFO, this is a hands-on position with extensive responsibilities that range from strategic and long range planning to implementation of system-wide technology solutions, besides providing oneon-one, as well as group training and support. Experience working in the education field is critical for understanding how technology can support great educational outcomes, and that a culture of collaboration and creativity can support success.

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8. ESF Camps - Bronx, NY

Job Title: Technology Camp Teacher

Job Description:

Technology Camp Teachers are responsible for immersing campers in our exciting technology curriculum while guiding campers through the creative/design thinking process. In addition to constantly supervising campers, Technology Specialists/Teachers promote and actively participate in all camp activities, may lead recreational periods outside of class, provide a safe and fun learning environment, and serve as a positive role models for campers and counselors.

We are seeking a certified teacher who has interest in our technology programs, but does not have to have mastery of the offerings; we hire Subject Matter experts that you would be working alongside.

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9. ESF Camps - Bronx, NY

Job Title: Technology Camp Minecraft Specialist/Teacher

Job Description:

Position Summary:

Minecraft Technology Specialist/Teacher is responsible for immersing campers in our exciting technology curriculum while guiding campers through the creative/design thinking process. In addition to constantly supervising campers, Technology Specialists/Teachers promote and actively participate in all camp activities, may lead recreational periods outside of class, provide a safe and fun learning environment, and serve as a positive role models for campers and counselors.

Position Scope Factors:

Program Description(s):

  • Minecraft: Use Minecraft to learn how to design, build and explore 3D game adventures. At camp receive instruction in game design and a review of Redstone circuits. You'll use your creativity and fine-tune your problem-solving skills, as you navigate the various construction challenges working with Minecraft EDU. Work individually and in groups to maximize collaboration and decision-making as you face design challenges and build your very own Minecraft world. Friends and family will be invited to explore your 3D creation on the last day. No prior experience with Redstone is necessary. All skill levels are welcome.
  • Minecraft 4 Kids: Experience the wonderful world of Pocket Edition Minecraft.Build your own virtual reality in a sandbox-like environment by using iPads to challenge your mind and create your own adventures. This fun and engaging program will spark interests, foster creativity and help you reach your learning potential. Friends and family will be invited to explore your game world on the last day. No prior experience with Minecraft or iPads needed.
  • Minecraft Missions 2017: Are you up for an adventure? In this multi-player environment, Minecraft will be the vehicle to help develop your leadership and social skills, as you accomplish unique missions with a team of campers. Use your imagination and collaborate with your team to design and build a large-scale Minecraft Missions project. Decide between two exciting adventures - creating a sci-fi Parkour Cloud City, or build a virtual fantsy-adventure in a Medieval Village. Creativity, critical thinking and communication will be your keys to success! Friends and family willbe invited to participate in your adventure on the last day. Previous experience with Minecraft is recommended.
  • Extreme Minecraft: For Intermediate and Advanced campers, this program will focus on adventure design and Redstone. Campers are also provided instruction on Tekkit, and setting up and administering servers. Recommended for intermediate and advanced level campers.

A Technology Camp Specialist/Teacher teaches a minimum of 1 class but may also be considered to teach various programs at 1 or more locations.

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10. St. Johns University - Queens Village, NY

Job Title: Instructional Designer, Online Learning Services

The Office of Online Learning & Services seeks outstanding candidates to submit an application for an Instructional Designer position in the Office of Online Learning & Services. Reporting to the Senior Instructional Designer/Project Manager, the Instructional Designer plays a key role in providing consultation and support to the faculty in the design and development of blended and online courses, with a focus on best practices in curricular development, blended/online instruction and assessment of student learning.

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