Job Report for May 8, 2017

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This week, we have 10 great positions in various EdTech companies and organizations. For instance Columbia University's Teaching College is seeking to hire a Post Doctoral Research Associate in their Institute on Ed & Economy(IEE) Department. While Sesame Street is looking for both an Educational Programs Director and an  Adaptive Project Manager to join their organization.

The local charter school Citizen of the World Charter Schools, is searching for a Director of Instruction, Principal and, a Lead Teacher (For the 2017-2018 school year). Meanwhile,  New Classrooms is searching for a Development Associate to join their ever-growing team. While Code Academy is searching for a Content Marketing Manager to help drive their Marketing team to new heights. Another great EdTech startup, Schoology is looking for a Senior Technical  Product Manager to join their Product team.  Last but not least, Noodle a prominent EdTech startup is seeking to hire a Learning Product Manager.

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1. Sesame Street -New York, NY

Job Title: Educational Programs Director

Job Description:

Sesame Workshop is looking for a Director, Educational Programs. S/he will collaborate with colleagues in the International Social Impact department to support program development, planning, and implementation for a variety of international projects. S/he will work closely with Sesame Workshop international teams and partners in South Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, and the Syrian response region.

Some of your responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

Content leadership

  • Develop and execute content strategy and intervention design for International Social Impact initiatives, working collaboratively with Sesame Workshop project teams and external partners

Project direction

  • Plan, implement, and track interventions that are informed by Sesame Workshop experience, desk research, and needs assessment data, and that are aligned with internal priorities, funder expectations and deliverables, and available resources, collaborating with Sesame Workshop project teams

New project development

  • Lead new project development by drawing on academic and professional expertise to advise on diverse programmatic and funding opportunities


  • Manage Content Specialist to effectively deliver on content leadership, project direction, and new project development responsibilities


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2. Citizen of the World Charter Schools - Brooklyn, NY 

Job Title: Director of Instruction

Schools Mission:

The mission of Citizens of the World Charter Schools New York (CWC NY) is to provide a socioeconomically, culturally and racially diverse community of students with an intellectually challenging, experiential learning environment that develops each student's confidence, potential, and individual responsibility as a citizen of the world. We are in our fourth year of operation, having opened one school in Williamsburg (CSD 14) and one school in Crown Heights (CSD 17). Next year our schools will serve students in grades K-5.

Job Description:

The Director of Instruction is an instructional leader who will continue to support the creation and development of an engaging, joyful, academically rigorous school built on our philosophical foundations of Understanding, Connection and Diversity.

The Director of Instruction will support the Principal to help refine and innovate within the model. Through his/her work s/he will demonstrate a commitment to challenging and motivating our diverse students, coaching and pushing our teachers to achieve academic excellence, develop as progressive educators, and positively impact the school community

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3. Sesame Workshop - New York, NY 

Job Title: Adaptive Product Manager

Job Description:

Sesame Workshop is looking to hire an Adaptive Product Manager.  The Product Manager is the operational lead for Sesame Workshop’s Adaptive Learning partnership with IBM.  The role is responsible both for the day-to-day management of the relationship as well as making critical contributions to the longer term plan and success of the partnership.  Key qualifications are a focus on and drive to results, ability to manage multiple stakeholders across internal and external boundaries, and sufficient technical knowledge to comprehend and document innovative adaptive products, as well as direct the work of engineers.  Please note: This job is a contract/temporary role.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Lead multiple weekly meetings with Sesame’s counterparts at IBM; set and communicate agenda, keep the team focused and productive, ensure capture of significant points and conclusions
  • Drive for results; ensure that all deadlines are met and overall project stays within budget; be highly proactive in working cross-functionally to achieve goals communicated by governance team
  • Serve as point-of-contact and liaison for multiple touchpoints and work streams relating to the IBM/Sesame partnership; assist PR, Events, Marketing and other departments as needed
  • Contribute ideas, knowledge, and solutions to both conceptual and technical aspects of product/service planning and development
  • Ensure a focus on user-oriented solutions that balance educational rigor, technical innovation, and highly engaging content
  • Solicit input from key stakeholders (e.g., education and research teams) to ensure proper curriculum focus, educational value, and brand cohesion
  • Create content and technical plans, system architectures, wireframes, production schedules, status reports, and presentation decks
  • Facilitate aggressive timelines and proactively address bottlenecks

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4. Citizens of the World Charter Schools - Brooklyn, NY

Job Title: Lead Teacher for 2017-2018 School Year

The mission of Citizens of the World New York (CWC NY) is to provide a socioeconomically, culturally and racially diverse community of students with an intellectually challenging, experiential learning environment that develops each student's confidence, potential, and individual responsibility as a citizen of the world. We are in our fourth year of operation, having one school in Williamsburg (CSD 14) and one school in Crown Heights (CSD 17). Next year we will serve students in grades K-5.

In this work, we:
Prepare students to become citizens of the world in an ever-changing future.
Promote academic rigor and experiential learning to support and develop children’s natural intellectual curiosity.
Embrace a constructivist, project-based learning approach.
Develop each child’s potential to live as a learner, both in school and out.
Reflect, welcome and celebrate the community’s diversity.
Strengthen the bonds among members of the school community and beyond.
The role
We are seeking an experienced and innovative classroom teacher who is excited to work in a unique charter school environment and who has at their core a deep appreciation for elementary students. We expect our teachers to be leaders and to play an active role in realizing the school’s mission by building and shaping our school culture. CWC NY teachers will implement a high-quality, rigorous academic program that includes developing project-based, interdisciplinary units that lead students to demonstrate their understanding creatively and in a hands-on manner.
We are looking for candidates who have experience in progressive education and a solid understanding of the academic, social and emotional development of elementary students.

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5. Citizens of the World Charter Schools -  New York, NY

Job Title: Principal

Job Description:

he Principal of Citizens of the World Williamsburg is a visionary instructional leader who will create an engaging, joyful, academically rigorous school built on our fundamentals of academic excellence, community, and diversity. S/he will have a sophisticated understanding of and experience with a constructivist approach, balanced-literacy, multiple intelligence theory, backward design, the creation of project-based curriculum, and building and/or working in diverse communities.


The Principal will create and maintain a school culture that challenges and motivates our diverse students, teachers, and families to achieve academic excellence, develop as people, and positively impact the communities in which they live. S/he will have a commitment to the educational philosophy of our school that includes a constructivist approach, project-based learning, and the overall culture of our organization.

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6. Columbia University's Teaching College - New York, NY

Job Title: Post Doctoral Research Associate

Job Description:

The full-time mixed methods post-doctoral research associate contributes to a suite of multi-year projects examining student success in the community college. The post-doctoral research associate has experience helping to design, co-lead, and conduct qualitative and quantitative education and/or social science research and a well-articulated interest in community colleges, higher education, and/or issues of access to and success in postsecondary education.

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7. New Classrooms - New York, NY 

Job Title:  Development  Associate

Job Description:

New Classrooms is seeking a skilled writer and flexible team-player to serve as our Development (External Relations) Associate. Reporting to the Senior Manager, External Relations, the Development Associate will be responsible for writing grants and other written content to support the External Relations team’s fundraising goals and grant deliverables. You will also support various research, marketing, and operational projects on the team, including planning and execution for Geek Out, our signature annual event in NYC, as well as smaller dinners and gatherings in various locations. This position will also work closely with the CEO and our Growth and Expansion team.

This is an exciting period for New Classrooms, and the External Relations team is instrumental in helping position the organization for future growth. The External Relations team aims to raise $18M+ in 2017, including local and nationally. and will continue to increase revenue targets over the next 3 years. This is a fantastic position for strong writer who wants to make an impact in a collaborative and fast-paced organization.

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8. Noodle - New York, NY

Job Title: Learning Product Manager

Job Description:

Can you imagine building “online nirvana: by integrating best-in-class technologies for every aspect of an online course delivery system? The Product Manager, Learning does this and more.  Responsible for creating the ultimate online learning experience for the students and faculty of Noodle’s online programs, this product role is like no other:you are literally building a unique environment for every university implementation.  Working closely with Noodle’s head of product, head of technology, the Product Manager integrates Noodle’s selected best-in-class partner technologies,  resulting in a single, cohesive, learning platform. The ideal candidate has a hunger to learn new systems and will dive in to become a super user of Noodle partner systems and collaborate with partners to push their product development efforts to the next level. For each University Noodle serves, the Product Manager  works hand in hand with the Learning Specialist of each program to create a custom Learning Stack.  This stack will be a combination of the university’s legacy systems and Noodle’s best-in-class partners, each time assembling a consistently excellent, cohesive user experience.

In addition, many of our current and future customers are deeply invested in Sakai, a worldwide open source learning management system.  While a decent LMS for ground-based instruction, Sakai lacks many of the features and functions needed to cultivate a truly excellent online learning experience.  In order to better support our Sakai universities, Noodle Partners is investing in improving Sakai. The Product Manager, Learning will have the opportunity to take Sakai to the next level and impact student learning learning world-wide.

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9. Code Academy - New York, NY

Job Title: Content Marketing Manager

Job Description:

Position Summary:

Codecademy has helped over 26 million people learn to code. Join one of the most exciting technology companies in New York that is disrupting the way we learn.
Millennials are highly-educated, tech-literate, and mission-driven.  Yet seven years after the great recession ended, nearly half of young university grads are underemployed, meaning they aren’t working jobs that require a degree. And the situation has only recently begun to improve. This year US students will graduate with $37,000 in debt, only to accept unpaid internships and part-time jobs.
Meanwhile, software is eating the world, disrupting first media, publishing, and entertainment, and now food, transportation, and travel, creating millions of new technology jobs that companies are eager to fill. By 2020 there will be a shortage of 1 million more tech jobs than computer science grads.
We can be the bridge.
We can help this generation gain the skill to fill these jobs and enjoy happier, more fulfilling careers. Join us.
Are you a creative storyteller who wants to impact millions of people on the regular? Are you a strategic thinker who can find the contrarian point of view?  In this role you'll exercise your full range of strategic, analytical, and creative skills to help thousands of learners every day.

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10. Schoology - New York, NY

Job Title: Senior Technical Product Manager

As a Senior Product Manager at Schoology, we’ll ask you to evaluate the market, leverage context from prospects, customers, partners, internal stakeholders and your own experience to build and maintain a product roadmap that makes rational tradeoffs between these competing concerns.

You will also work with our UX designers, product architects, and engineering teams to deliver your roadmap by building an actionable backlog of work and then supporting our engineering teams as they develop the features you’ve defined.

As part of delivery, you will also work with our marketing and customer success teams on product update communication within Schoology, to our customer base, and to the market at large.

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