Learn to design, hack, critique, and teach with the latest technologies for learning in the Graduate Program in Educational Technology.

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Quick Facts

  • Full time students complete the program in 3 semesters
  • Students are welcome to study at our Manhattan location on Canal Street, or on Adelphi's main campus in Garden City
  • Courses include traditional, blended, and online formats.
  • Apply today! Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis until available spots are full.


[caption id="attachment_178" align="alignnone" width="666"]the two fcpe interns Ariel and Jarret, the first FCPE interns are both working as full time instructional technologists at major universities.[/caption]

Students in Educational Technology are eligible for 2 unique opportunities for graduate funding.
The Faculty Center for Professional Excellence Instructional Design Interns earn a $6k stipend each semester, as they work alongside Adelphi's team of instructional designers: producing educational video, developing online courses, and integrating technology into faculty instruction.

The Ruth S. Ammon School of Education Technology Graduate Assistantships provide 3 or 6 tuition credits per semester. Tech GAs may work on the School's website, organize instructional technology workshops for staff and faculty, maintain educational technology assets, and assist faculty with research and teaching projects.

For full program information visit the official Adelphi Program Website.

International Student Representative

Hi everyone, my name is Miheliwan. I am an international graduate student in Educational Technology Program at Adelphi University and expecting to graduate in May, 2015. I come from Xinjiang which is a province in the far western part of China. It has been a great learning experience for me in this program and I really enjoyed it. As an international student representative, I can help prospective Chinese candidates with any questions in relation to the post-graduate Educational Technology program. I am happy to share my learning experiences as well. We can communicate in Mandarin or English. To get basic information about the programs, you can go to the EdTech website http://www.auedtech.org/courses/. Then you can email me with any questions. My email is miheliwan@gmail.com. However, if you would like to talk to professors in the program, you can email them as well. You can find their contact information on the following link: http://education-ci.adelphi.edu/educational-technology/faculty/


大家好!我叫米赫丽婉,是教育学技术(Educational Technology Program) 研究生专业的一名中国留学生,于20155月毕业。为了方便各位有意向申请艾德菲大学EdTech专业的中国留学生能够直接获取更多相关的信息,我志愿负责用汉语解答同学们的疑问,也很乐意分享我在本专业的所学所得和一些留学经历。这个专业不仅仅涉及学术理论,所学课程的实践操作性也很强,比如计算机基本编程,应用程序(APP)软件设计,以及游戏和多媒体等技术在教学上的应用等等。你们可以在EdTech专业的博客网站:http://www.auedtech.org/courses/ 进一步了解该专业课程设置,如有任何疑问可以发邮件,我的Email 地址:miheliwan@gmail.com期待和你们分享交流我的收获。当然如果大家希望直接和专业课的教授交流,也可以发email给教授。教授的联系方式可通过学校网站找到:http://education-ci.adelphi.edu/educational-technology/faculty/